Sunday in Strasbourg

Sunday in Strasbourg, our second to last day. I went to Mass at the Cathedral.. The service was all in French; some of the hymns were familiar. At the end, there was a special presentation in honor of a priest who was retiring--apparently. I had to query several patient folks in a mixture of French and German to figure things out. Passing the private reception for him, I wandered down to the L'Ill and past the hordes out for brunch. Took advantage of empty Sunday neighborhoods for photos and an attempt to visit the Botanical Garden, which eluded me. Got there in a sweaty mess and found that it was not to open for another hour and a half.. I paid for and took a tram all on my own--whee--got to a museum cafe too late to brunch, ate a flammekuchen and a swell beer and window shopped until I could meet up with Jan for a city river cruise. Can't wait to revisit this striking city!