Eurail Mobile Pass

Gone are the days of the paper Eurail pass. Smart Phones are now the best way to manage your pass and check schedules. A mobile pass requires an internet connection to use it. Many high-speed trains (in 1st Class) have free wi-fi, otherwise you will have to rely on cellular. Sometimes, the cell signal may be weak while you are enroute, but I will show you how to preload your day pass for the conductor. Of course, if you insist, you can still get a paper pass (but allow plenty of time before you travel to have it sent to you in the mail).

First: Download the Eurail App to your device

You can either click the links below (while on your device) or go to the Apple App store or Google Play and seach for Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner

Load your pass:

After you order your pass, you will get an email confirming your order. It will have a unique number for each of the travelers and a button to press to load the pass on to your phone. Don't lose this email!

Don't activate the pass until you take your first trip as that will start the clock ticking on your pass.

Get a Supporting App:

Now, the Eurail app is pretty good at selecting routes and gives you some route information (including a map). It does not, however, give you critical information about the station, such as what track the train departs from or the coach sequence. This is especially inportant when you are coming into a station and only have a few minutes to change to another train. Of course, you can always check the departure boards in the station, but having this extra information is really useful. One of my favorites is DB Navigator from German Rail. It also has a Apple Watch app as well. I will cover how I use this in a bit. (There are other country rail apps, such as Switzerland's SBB). There is also another app from German Rail called Bahnhof Live which will give you more information than you can imagine about any particular train station (such as where the elevators are located). Unfortunately, the app is only available in German.