Goodbye Schaffhausen, Hello Luzern

As we leave Schaffhausen, our first Swiss city, here are familiar scenes from the week's stay, including the street on which our apartment's building is on (Webergase), the archway leading to the stairs up to the apartment, and our ancient stone wall (uncovered by the restaurant guys when the unit was rehabbed).

We enjoyed several good meals in Schaffhausen, but the last one was probably the best. We had finally scored a reservation at a home-cooking/farm-to-table sort of place. Jan actually had a salad with cooked chicken and I had a freshwater fish and vegetables. Auf Wiedersehen!


This is the Franizkaner Kirche in Luzern. When we entered, the organist was practicing for Sunday and we managed to capture nearly 4 minutes of his concert.