These sites and sights are at a level of magnitude we were not to experience again until Mont Blanc a few weeks later. Schynige Platte was halfway up the moutains and has an impressive Alpine garden that overlooks a spacious meadow, cows and cowbells galore. Apparently, its's been farmed continuously for 1000 years.

Before that, we made two false starts. At Lauterbrunn, we walked the touristy, backpacker town on a steamy day, thinking we could see some of the falls. We did, one or two way off in the distance, falling down the side of a sheer cliff. Thinking we'd hike there, we followed a hiking club just so far among the chalets of the town, streets and paths going straight up--and then gave up. Too hot. Couldn't figure out the access. Back to Interlaken.