Many Choices

You can get a Pass in just about any time configuration you want. Some are limited to how many days in a fixed time period you can travel. Others permit unlimited train rides in a fixed time period.

3 Month Pass

We chose the three month pass as that was the duration of our trip. We certainly got our money's worth out of it as we took over 50 round-trip rides. Many of those were simple day trips to nearby sites. That amounted to about $40 per round trip for both of us! That was a bargain!! Note that the prices you see here are a special discount with 10% off. For our trip, we took advantage of a similar sale. We postponed our trip several times due to the pandemic, but since we started the trip within 11 months of buying it, it was just fine. The moral of the story is that if you are planning a trip within the next 11 months, keep watching the Eurail site for sales. Note that all standard Eurail Passes are refundable or exchangeable if they are returned unused. Sale passes are refundable at a lesser rate. In the case of this sale, you can get 85% of your cost refunded.

Note that all of the costs shown in these images are the total cost for two seniors.


Note that some trains require seat reservations at additional cost. This most often happens on high speed trains and heavily traveled routes. Not to worry though, seat reservations are not expensive ($10-$20) and give you peace of mind with a reserved seat. I will talk more about getting seat reservaions later.