Lucerne Transport Museum and more

This was a day of contrasts! Jan wanted to go to the transport museum, I really wanted to walk the ancient walls and towers of Lucerne, and we both wanted to reward ourselves for visiting both by a trip to the 'castle on the hill,' a fairy tale structure that's actually a hotel. Friends had stayed there years ago, but we were happy just to drink in the view.

Similar to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industy, Lucerne's museum is a Swiss version that features their engineering and ingenuity. A kid's or kid at heart's dreamscape. I liked the history of Swiss air travel. Want to know what it was like to fly a Swiss jet in the 60s? Displays are full of flight attendant uniforms--down to the lapel pins--and stuff like passenger accessories, even tray table cutlery. Advertising. Fun. Of course, most areas are sponsored by companies. Outside, there are a bunch of interactive things for kids--the product transport logistics in particular. Kids had a great time taking miniature pallets from mini warehouses to rail to trucks. There was a huge collection of cars and planes, both of which appealed to Jan who is a former Californian and pilot.

Lucerne's ramparts are in great condition though, like most things we're discovering over here, ya gotta hike to what you want to see. The Musegg Wall has nine towers, one of which, the Zyl, is the oldest, dating from 1535. It is also a clock tower; you can climb all around the workings. It has the privilege of chiming the hours one minute before all the other clocks in town! Though close to the busyness of the city, the walls and towers feel miles and centuries away.

We ended the afternoon with a cable ride up a mountain to the castle, Hotel Gutsch. Shared the car with two galumphs going up and a Middle Eastern couple coming down. As you can see, the views are spectacular from the outdoor cafe. Not shown is a shot of a tiny lizard or salamander who came close to the balcony. How'd he get up so high?