Sunday in Luzern

We decided to go to church, but missed services in the medieval Franciscan church (9 am; rats), so hurried over to the Jesuit church, where Mass started at 10. We had visited a day or so before to admire the 1600s original moulding and decoration. Jan could understand the homily--something practical about being nice to everyone no matter who they are. We shared stories with the priest afterwards. He had been to Chicago and had even ridden his bike along the 'Michigan Sea' from the south to north sides; we chatted about school loyalties--Jesuit Loyola vs Vincentian De Paul. Charming man, with a winning smile.

We also explored the Hof, the parish church of Luzern, with more baroque wonders. Not my style, but the church, rising from a side street up a high staircase near but not part of shops and touristy parts of the lake, has older sections, a cloister, and a lovely relief sculpture to the left of its main door, dating from the 1400s or 1500s.