Bordeaux Cruise II

One cruise excursion, actually the best, was to the Citadel, a huge fortress in Blaye designed by Vauban (he was a productive defense contractor of the 1600s). The immense site was built on the Garonne to protect Bordeaux -- but a shot was never fired from there. Renaissance deterrance! The tour was going to be extensive, but Jan was dying to take another drone video. So, off he went with instructions for finding a WC and where to meet us in an hour or so near the ship.

When we all caught up, he had quite a story to tell. As he tried to land after an aerial view of the fortress and the river, the drone landed in some brambles -- and it was still recording! A friendly Frenchman -- from Dunkirk! -- came to the rescue. You can see his face on the video, happy to have been able to rescue our device. In an ironic reversal from nearly 75 years ago, the Americans were rescued by the French!

Back in Bordeaux, we had an intimate wine tasting course and went to the brand new City of Wine, a huge museum on the northern edge of town devoted to the world history of wine, and all things viticulture, from ancient times until now. Vignettes, videos of growers from Australia to Johannesburg, animations depicting wine processing and appreciation from ancient times, through the 1700s, and onward, wine art and branding, etc. Plus a free glass of your choice among a number of local vintages at the end of the visit. Very cool.

We got everywhere by tram and thoroughly got to know and enjoy Bordeaux.